Deck Building (Silver 3)

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   Last Updated: 15 September 2017


Disclaimer: Gold 2, Squad Level: 71, Highest Trophies: 3038 (71)

Expected Breakout Squad Level: 80-89 (Credit Cost: 5800-20800)

Expected Breakout Cards: Gunner, Ronin

Map Assumptions: Training Grounds, Crash Site, Angel City, Boneyard

This Guide is organized with the highest tier cards first and lowest tier cards last. This guide is subjective, so you may not agree with it. I do my best to justify why I believe cards fall where they do. Your experience and milage with these cards may vary. Making a good deck is not simply having all the “high-tier” cards. Deck building is more nuanced than that. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Levels and pilots are still important here.

This guide is geared towards the average player. So we are targeting people without legendaries. Counters will be organized most effective first. These are organized in effectiveness against human players, as opposed to bots.

What's New?

The Ronin is an incredibly strong card, capable of taking down almost any other Titan in a 1v1. It can be used defensively as a response to a titan drop or aggressively, pushing a point or attacking the enemy base. Arc Ronin offers a strong counter to the Core titans, stunning them and preventing them from charging their Core abilities. EMP is a Ordnance card that can stun robotics, making it a huge threat after the Titanfall phase. Supply Depot gives players the option of trading their early game for their late game.

The main thing in this phase would be to watch for base rushes after Titanfall.

The Pilots

  • Boomer, Cost: 3, Role: Balanced Slow DPS, Tank

The Boomer is still a very strong unit. Now, you may not get as much out of a Boomer as you would a Sim Ninja. However, the Boomer requires dedicated counterplay and it’s easy to go over the 3 supply spent on it trying to defeat it. For its consistency over potential value the Boomer remains in the top spot.

Counter: Gunner (Human DPS and Robotic DPS are the same. Bump the Boomer with a drop pod as the Gunner engages.), Arc Boomer, Grunt Captain (to remove the shield), Barrage

  • Sentry Tech, Cost: 3, Role: Human DPS, [Pseudo Supply]

Sentry Tech is also a pilot that is hard to fall behind with. A “1 Cost” pilot and fairly strong on their own. The Sentry Tech may not pay off as much as a Sim Ninja does, but its Sentry is quite the asset on the field.

Counter: Gunner, Shield Grunts, Ordnance.

  • Sim Ninja, Cost: 4, Role: Balanced DPS, AoE

The Sim Ninja is still excellent at deconstructing [Synergistic Pairs]( of units. Its AoE will let it eliminate a squad of Grunts or Spectres effortlessly and as a four cost pilot it will go on to out-duel most other pilots it will encounter. That’s not the optimal way to use it but it can consistently pay off like that.

Counter: Arc Boomer, Grunt Captain, Arc Sentry, Arcfall, Sentry(?)

  • Gunner, Cost: 3, Role: DPS

The Gunner is a staple in most decks for its ability to punch above its level in terms of damage. With proper care it can counter the Sentry Tech’s Sentry and the Boomer. However a skilled player will easily cut it down with a Sim Ninja or a Spectre Squadron.

Counter: Being Bumped, Spectres, Pyro Brusier, Sentries, Ordnance

  • Holo Grenadier, Cost: 2, Human DPS (can be explioted as a Tank)

The Holo Grenadier is a “tanky” pilot thanks to the Holo Pilot and is a cheap reliable way to deal with enemy Troops. Doesn’t duel as well due to finicky AI and tends to be caught by AoE damage directed at the Holo Pilot.

Counter: Ordnance, Dropping in from behind.

  • Grunt Captain, Cost: 4, Role: Robotic DPS, [Pseudo-Supply]

Grunt Captain’s Shield Grunts buy time on hardpoints. The Robotic damage it packs lets it duel a Sim Ninja and eliminate robotic structures and enemies, however some AoE in the deck is recommended to counter Troop type burn cards.

Counter: Troop Burn Cards, Ordnance, Loses to most pilots if not paired up.

  • Arc Boomer, Cost: 4, Role: Tanky Robotic DPS

Arc Boomer stands strong as a good counter to Ronins, boasting the same range as the Gunner and AI. However, does not shine in the early game and leaves a bit to be desired.

Counter: Most Pilots, notably the Pyro Bruiser.

  • Stim Bruiser, Cost: 2, Role: Human DPS

The Stim Bruiser has the second most HP per supply of the pilots, making him an excellent cheap damage sponge. Damage on the other hand is severely lacking and may sometimes lose to spectre squads depending on how they stand.

Counter: Spectres, Ordnance, Sentries, Human DPS Pilots

  • Grenadier, Cost: 2, Role: Human DPS

Fast and cheap and squishy the Grenadier sees no change in play from the last rank.

Counter: Ordnance, Tanky Units

  • Pyro Bruiser, Cost: 3, Role: Tanky, Human DPS

The Bruiser AI is more of a downfall in this tier with Ronin’s roaming the field. It’s preferable to stay on a roof, thus the Pyro Bruiser falls further down on the tier list.

Counter: Sentries, Spectres, Holo Grenadier

  • Striker, Cost: 2, Role: Human DPS

Moderately tanky, with moderate damage. Doesn’t keep up well with the pace of the game. (In terms of how quickly it deals with enemies, not movement speed.)

Counter: Eh.

  • Spectre Captain, Cost: 4, Role: Human DPS, [Pseudo-Supply]

The Spectre Captain is quite squishy for a 4 cost pilot and despite being able to theoretically make up for that cost with the summoning of spectres .

Counter: AoE, Ordnance (to eliminate spectres or the pilot quickly)

the Titans

  • Ronin, Cost: 4, Balanced Single-Target DPS

Very fast, so difficult to control. Better on long maps. Easily countered by enemies on roofs, however the damage it brings to the table offsets that greatly. By using it defensively you minimize risk and after it does its job countering anything else is extra.

Counter: Arc Sentries, Gunner, Nuke Atlas

  • Reserve Stryder, Cost: 2, Infantry + Pilot Killer

High Human DPS. Will die allowing you to redeploy it where it is needed. Cheaper than a lot of pilots. Will struggle with spectre squads, but you’re tying up a 3 cost squad with a 2 cost Titan.

Counter: Arc Ordnance, Arc Boomer, Boomer, Gunner, Sentires, Blast Spectres, Atlas Titans

  • Smoke Stryder, Cost: 5, Anti-Infantry + Zone Control.

A better now that robotic troops are more prominent. Still low survivability, and a tad more expensive than the regular Stryder. Attack speed helps clear out robotic infantry faster than a Atlas would. Smoke also aids in that aspect. Can handle regular infantry to a lesser degree and duels alright with other Titans due to robotic damage.

Counter: Atlas Class Titans, Arc Ordnance, Blast Spectres

  • Stryder, Cost: 4, Infantry + Pilot Killer

Ruins Pilots and durable enough to take a lot of fights. Will often run out of position with its high speed.

Counter: Arc Ordnance, Gunner, Sentires, Blast Spectres, Atlas Titans

  • Core Scorch, Cost: 7, Tanky

Can take out pilots on roof through use of Core Ability. Tends to trade positively. Good on maps like Crash Site and Training Grounds. Basic attack is a line of thermite. The core ability is a cone of thermite. Core ability takes 2 hits to charge. Covers an area better than the Core Ogre does.

Counter: Arc Sentries, Gunner, Nuke Atlas(Maybe?), Smoke Stryder(?), Atlas Class Titans(?), Arc Ordnance, Blast Spectres

  • Core Ion, Cost: 7, Tanky Ranged DPS

Slow, but more versatile than the Core Scorch and Core Ogre. Ideally kept in the backline with a frontline soaking up the damage for it. Actually shoots pilots which is a plus.

Counter: Surrounding, Nuke Atlas

  • Core Ogre, Cost: 7, Tanky Balanced DPS

Still strong, and good for base destruction. However, 7 energy is a large investment and the slow pace of the Ogre limits its utility. Doesn’t suit the fast paced Hard Point game during the early and mid phases.

Counter: Arc Sentries, Core Ion, Gunner, Nuke Atlas(Maybe?), Smoke Stryder(?), Atlas Class Titans(?), Blast Spectres

  • Atlas, Cost: 4, Titan and Structure Killer

Good common card used primarily to counter other titans. It's status as a common will likely let you get it to a high level, which will help to fight off the other Titans. Slow attack speed.

Counter: Arc Boomer, Arc Ordnance, Blast Spectres.

  • Arc Ronin, Cost: 5, Support, AoE, Crowd Control

Arc Ronin is a very strange Titan. With a linear AoE and Stun it’s primarily geared towards being a support Titan. Which doesn’t fit well in most decks, boasting only three titans. Placement is tentative, has potential. Counters slow attackers well, killing them without even taking damage. Otherwise vulnerable to Stryder Titans.

Counter: Ronin, Smoke Stryder

  • Nuke Atlas, Cost: 5, Anti-Titan + Zone Control.

The Nuke Atlas is an excellent tool for stopping an opposing base rush, general Titan push or dealing guaranteed damage to the enemy base turrets. Less effective for everything else.

Counter: Atlas Class Titans, Arc Ordnance, Blast Spectres

  • Reserve Atlas, Cost: 2, Titan and Structure Killer

Cheaper to deploy Atlas. But still with a slow attack speed. Can be used to fight off Titans. But pales in comparison to other Titans.Okay for clearing out Sentry setups.

Counter: Gunner, Arc Boomer, Arc Weapons

  • Reserve Ogre, Cost: 2, Tank

More viable boasting balanced damage. Often used to support Gunner pilots.

Counter: Avoiding

  • Ogre, Cost: 4, Tank

More expensive than the Reserve Ogre. Still used in conjunction with another unit more dedicated to DPS.

Counter: Avoiding

  • Sniper Ion, Cost: 6, Support/Robotic DPS

Does not target pilots. As with all Ions, can be troublesome with proper front liners, however at such a high cost one would preferably just wait four seconds and get a Core Titan. The Sniper Ion in some positions can be devastating, but will move out of them if you're too aggressive. Requires immense control over the flow of battle.

Counter: Arc Boomer, Gunner, Arc Ordnance

  • Scorch, Cost: 4, Human Killer

Less useful for zone control now with Spectres running around. The thermite will likely not wipe them out before they can capture a point. Viability has dropped considerably.

Counter: Spectres, Arc Ordnance, Sentires, Blast Spectres, Atlas Titans

  • Thermal Scorch, Cost: 6, Tank

Rather dumb AI. Doesn't target enemies. Goes straight for the enemy base. Not my personal favorite but incredibly tanky and does damage along the way. Will waste humanoid infantry on the way.

Counter: Beware any backup titans following behind it. Can tank your turrets while another Titan does real damage.

  • Mortar Ogre, Cost: 5, Turret Killing Builds

Specialized card at the cost of 5 supply. Reported to not target pilots and infantry. Limited viability. Fairly easily countered if needed by the Gunner which is quite popular.

Counter: Gunner, Arc Ordnance, Blast Spectres (most other drops won't reach it)

Burn Cards

  • Spectres, Cost: 3, Robotic Infantry

With Ronin’s roaming the field staying still on the ground makes a unit a liability. Spectres moving around gives them a bit more survivability than grunts squads. Generally not worth EMPing but don’t drop too many in one place.

Counter: Arc Weapons

  • Shield Grunts, Cost: 3, Hybrid Infantry

Still a strong card. But its stationary nature makes it vulnerable to Ronins.

Counter: Mine, Arcfall, Sentry

  • Mine, Cost: 2, "Structural" Ordnance

Mine is still a threat and easy to level being common. The stun combined with a grenadier can make short work of a lot of enemies at a low cost. Timing is key.

Counter: Grunts, Arcfall, Barrage

  • Sentry, Cost: 2, Structure

While not very useful in terms of damage, usage of the Sentry dynamically as a tank moves the burn card up in the tier list.

Counter: Arcfall, Aggressive playstyle, Blast Spectres, Blast Depot

  • EMP, Cost: 5, Ordnance (Arc)

EMP’s instantaneous effect and damage suits the speed of Silver 3 well. Being able to turn the tides in an instant and respond quickly to threats.

Counter: None

  • Barrage, Cost: 4, Ordnance (Human)

Hard to set up. Players tend to try and not set up themselves for a barrage and the damage being dealt over time and not instantaneous doesn’t match the increased pace of the game.

Counter: None

  • Rocket Grunts, Cost: 3, Human Infantry

Rocket Grunts suffer from the same issue that Shield Grunts suffer from.

Counter: Ordnance

[Not personally tested.]

  • Rocket Sentry, Cost: 5

Out of Tier (Gold 2)

One of the rewards from Daily Login. In a sense, "capped" at level 5.

Punishes the inattentive player. Drop a Sentry near it to tie it up and damage it. Sometimes the Sentry will kill it and you'll be up 3 supply. If left unattended will destroy squads of infantry and deal significant damage to pilots.

Counter: Sentry, Arcfall, Grunt Captain

  • Blast Spectre, Cost: 2, Robotic "Infantry" (more Ordnance)

Fair blast radius and high damage, learn to use them well and they can be a “smart mine” without the stun effect.

Counter: Tanky Units. (I mean, they kill themselves. Unless you're a god and can drop a missile on them.)

  • Arc Sentry, Cost: 4, Structure (Anti-Robotics)

More effective now with Ronins in play that cannot touch them. Excellent counters to Ronins.

Counter: Arcfall, Robotic DPS, R. Atlas

  • Grunts, Cost: 2, Human Infantry. [Deploy Time: ~2 Seconds]

Weak to AOE, but the ability to deploy anywhere and capture at 2 supply isn't all that bad a deal. Can be dangerous to pilots in groups, but easily countered by ordnance. Cheap cost can result in poor decisions and hurt your play.

Counter: Ordnance, Sentries

  • Arcfall, Cost: 3, Ordnance (Arc)

With more robotic cards accessible the Arcfall missile starts to shine brighter than it did in Bronze. Sees more use defensively now. Can wipe out shields on Medium turrets if properly leveled. Good for base destruction.

Counter: None

  • Spectre Depot, Cost: 4, Structure/Robotic Infantry

Very popular. Deploys more sentries than if you were to drop a squadron. Lacks the deploy anywhere feature but worth more supply if undamaged.

Counter: Mine, Arc Ordnance, Arc Boomer

  • Blast Depot, Cost: 5, Structure

Like the Grunts, punishes enemies lacking in the awareness department. Can be used to get some hard hits on the medium turret early. Stronger on Training Grounds and Crash Site. Not viable but sees usage in base destruction decks.

Counter: Arcfall, EMP, Blast Spectres, Mines

  • Supply Depot, Cost: 5, Structure

A card to be used when already ahead. The Supply Depot trades in 5 supply now for 7 supply later, theoretically always making a good trade. That is, if the enemy isn’t observant. The card tends to hurt a trailing player.

Counter: Arcfall, Blast Spectres, Mines

  • Missile, Cost: 2, Ordnance (Human)

Basic missile. Cheap. Can chunk into pilots and groups of infantry.

Counter: None

[Not personally tested.]

  • Reaper, Cost: 5, Robotic Infantry

A very expensive Robotic Infantry card that often gets distracted by Sentires. You’re better off dropping a Titan.

Counter: Sentries, Arc Weaponry, Gunner

  • Nuke, Cost: 7, Ordnance

Never personally used, but 7 supply for Ordnance doesn't sound like a good deal to me. Maybe if you wanted to clear the board (of enemies) at the 2:00 mark, but in the meantime it'll prevent you from drawing new Burn Cards.

Counter: None

End Notes

Your opinion might differ. This is likely because we play differently. I prefer to run a low-cost Hardpoint focused deck and never even think about taking the opponent's Heavy Turret.

When weighing factors capture power and supply cost were heavily weighted. Duration also was a large factor for me. I see deployables as "investments." Whereas base destruction cards fell lower.