The Little Deck that Could aka Akehe's Trash Deck

Objective: To create a free flowing deck that kills pilots quickly, maintains pressure at all hardpoints, and punches above its weight.

Deck Composition and Usage:


Gunner: The key to this entire build. If he’s allowed his windup and can get up to full damage output, he is master of the field. Get him into a position to attack high value targets (Pilots and Titans) unfettered, and he will reward you greatly.

Holo Grenadier: The AOE damage of this build. Use him to destroy groups of grunts and pilots. With his holo decoy he can keep the gunner clean and targeting the right enemies.

Pyro: Tank Extraordinaire, I joke that he does as much in death as he does in life. Get him out front of the pack to tank and do some damage, and if you position him right, the enemy pilots will be stuck in his death pool while your other pilots clean up


Reserve Stryder: Use this titan as an extension of your pilot group. He is cheap, fast, and eminently disposable. Just throw him down and he will provide valuable cover for your pilots, as well as easily overwhelm grunts and enemy pilots.

Ronin: This is your all-purpose titan. Doing equal human and robotic damage, he can go up against anything, and with proper support, win. Watch him slash away at everything that comes in his path. If left unbothered, he will do a LOT of damage.

Ion: The main anti-robotic weapon in this deck. I use this titan when I need to hold up a core titan or take down drones and other robotic burn cards. He does pretty good AOE damage, and is a good counterweight to the other titans in the deck.

Substitutes: Instead of Ronin, you can use Stryder. Instead of Ion, use Nuke Atlas or Smoke Stryder.

Burn Cards

Grunts: Use them to bump and provide farside pressure on unattended points. They’re cheap, but read your counters and use them judiciously. A nearby grenadier or holo grenadier will render them a waste.

Shield Grunts: Same as the grunts only a little better. They hold up better against anti-human damage, but again read your counters and deploy regular grunts instead against anti-robotic domage.

Mine: The change that got me to Legend, Mine is a great way to give any engagement that little push to victory. Place it near any target of opportunity, bunched pilots, grunts distracting your gunner, or a combination of both, and watch it work its magic!

(Obsolete: Use Mine if possible) Sentry: Great bumping ability, especially against gunners on roofs or hills. Save them if you see an enemy gunner on the field, because grunts cant bump them in the aforementioned situations. Also can be paired with Shield/regular grunts to take a lightly occupied point on their own.

Drones: Situational. I would use the other three burn cards more often except when you see a sim ninja, core scorch or ogre, or a ronin. Remember that they mainly do anti-robotic damage and are fragile.

Substitutes: Instead of Drones, you can use Rocket Sentry or Rocket Grunts.

Deck Strategy:


Send Pyro to middle hardpoint, then Gunner to closest hardpoint. While waiting for supply to replenish, read the field. If they drop grunts or multiple pilots on your Gunner, send Holo to Gunner, otherwise send Holo to Pyro. This is meant to get the Gunner in a trail position to the inevitable first confrontation in the middle. Pyro will probably die, but when the trail pilots arrive, that will hold the enemy in his death pool.

Once pilots are on the field, check for gunners. Bump the gunner with any burn card you have. If he’s on the ground, bump him with grunts or shield grunts, depending on whether a grenadier is nearby. Shield if he’s with a grenadier, regular if not. Use sentry if he’s on a roof or hill. If no gunners, then wait for the enemy pilots to engage, and drop grunts on the far hardpoint they just left. Reinforce as necessary.

After that, just read your counters and send pilots out as required. If there’s grunts capping a point, send out Holo or Pyro. If there’s a pilot send out gunner. All while capping empty enemy hardpoints with grunts. This is meant to widen the map. If you pressure all the hardpoints, you make the enemy commander have to try that much harder for every hardpoint, and every point that comes with it. The more they have to think, the higher the probability they will make a mistake, and then you can capitalize.

Mid Game:

I tend to use supply as fast as I can, but if you take all points and your pilots head to the turret, save your supply. You want the enemy to start capping a hardpoint so it’ll pull your pilots off the turret and back to the hardpoints. The extra supply allows you to respond in force to whatever hardpoint they decide to attack. Again, maintain pressure on all hardpoints. You want to keep them distracted and have to use every ounce of their skill to beat you! When pressuring, I like to combo grunts and titans. Drop a titan to pull aggro, then drop the grunts to start taking the point after the pilot is dealt with. Combination attacks like that can be just as powerful as pilots, while letting your pilots fight elsewhere.

Late Game:

If they try to push on you with core titans or a multiple titans, I say let them pass until they engage with the medium turret, then drop titans on them, and put your Gunner up to destroy them while they’re engaged. The objective is to get them away from the hardpoints, while preventing a basekill. If you engage too early, they create a mess in the hardpoint areas, which precludes you from capturing them. After that just ride the pressure to ultimate victory!

Special Notes:

Always keep an eye on the enemy gunner and bump him as often as you can. Also, if you bump a boomer just right, you can turn him all the way around and not aiming at your pilots.

Overall Conclusions:

This deck is meant to gain hardpoint victories through constant pressure. You have to have full vision of the entire field, and your counters memorized to know which units to use in a given situation. I’ve had over 1000 matches of experience using this deck across 3 accounts, which as of this writing, are in War Hero, Titanium 1, and Silver 3. Considering my War Hero deck just recently made it into Turret Level 11, I give full credit to deck composition and tactics for where I am today. This deck proves that great cards aren’t needed to get far in this game, just superior tactics and the right synergies between the cards.

Edit 1: Corrected opening position of Gunner to Closest Hardpoint from Middle Hardpoint.

Edit 2: Added section on Mine in lieu of Sentry