Base Destruction


    Base Destruction decks can come in two flavors. You can go "All-in" for a speedy base kill with a low-moderate chance of success or you can play generally aggressively capping hardpoints in the early game and then dropping Titans heavily in the mid game. We'll be looking more at the "speed focused" base rush deck with a "lower win-rate" as it is more distinguishable from just normally playing aggressively.

    For this guide we will refer to the Near Hardpoint as A and the Far Hardpoint as C. (Until the Examples section.)


  • Fairly simple strategy, not reliant on reaction speed or thinking about counters.
  • Capitalizes well on level advantages.
  • Benefits from an unbalanced deck.
  • Quick games.


  • Easily countered by specific cards.
  • No back up plan, no changing gears, fully committed.
  • Map plays a large role.
  • Somewhat reliant on enemy being unobservant.
  • Very obvious strategy

Map Favoritism

    Training Grounds

    Training Grounds is a very straight-forward map and the buildings are placed in such a way that mounting a defense against a titan push is difficult.

    Angel City

    Angel City is arguably easier to mount a base push on than Training Grounds due to the shorter distance but the buildings make it very easy to place a Gunner on to counter Titans and other units. The buildings are also easy to get bottlenecked in.


    Boneyard's Medium Turrets are placed in a strange way such that line of sight to them is obstructed. Thus it makes it harder to hit. The large building in front of the heavy turret also makes it easy to mount a defense with a Gunner or Charge Sniper.

    Crash Site

    Crash Site can be the longest and hardest map to mount a base push, however after taking out the medium turret the path becomes pretty short. The zig-zaggy path can make it difficult to advance on the turret and way-pointing over the wall can inadvertently lead to sub-optimal pathing that leads to delays in a strategy where speed is key. Very easy to bottleneck.

The MindSet

    Base Rush decks are a race against time, most of the time you're losing on hard points. Depending on how you play. But if you're playing speed it's you against the hard points.

Deck Build            


    Base Destruction decks primarily lean on their Titans and Burn Cards. Titans coming first, Burn Cards next, and Pilots last. As such you would benefit from "overleveling" your titans and leaving your pilots in a moderate range and maybe unbalancing Burn Cards so that the ones focused on dealing damage to the base are higher level.


    Pilots aren't a huge deal in a Base Rush deck. You can pack Gunner or Arc Boomer as they can be waypointed to the turret. Grunt Captain to delay enemy captures. Otherwise you'll want to run 2 supply cost pilots such as Holo Grenadier, Stim Bruiser to be tanky, or Grenadier for her speed.


    For Titans you're looking for RDPS.

    Atlas is an amazing choice as that high paper RDPS is actual RDPS as Heavy Turrets can't dash the attack.

    Ronin is a strong pick for it's speed and damage but is countered by Gunner.

    Core Scorch is also a strong pick for it's ability to clear the area around the enemy heavy turret with it's core ability.

    Despite how flimsy it is Smoke Stryder packs "guaranteed" RDPS if it gets to smoke the turret and packs respectable RDPS.

    Core Ogre is a favorite in base destruction decks as it can "outheal" heavy turret damage, but is reliant on the enemy not being observant.

    Ion is a decent pick for Base Destruction decks, boasting an RDPS focus.

    Nuke Atlas should not be the vanguard if deployed as he'll eat Heavy Turret shots before dealing damage, otherwise it offers more "guaranteed" damage.

    BT is a good support for clearing out Titan defenders for a less speed-focused base rush.

Burn Cards

    All Base Rush decks should contain an attack card, I recommend either Barrage or EMP, however you can substitute Nuke if you have it. This type of damage cannot be countered and has potential to clinch the game for you.

    An Early Base Rush deck should contain an Arc Sentry or Drones (maybe even both) to take out the medium turret in the early game phase. A single equally leveled Arc Sentry is generally able to take down a Medium Turret.

    You can fill out the rest of your burn cards with troop cards, to "back cap" and buy yourself more time to kill the enemy base, or you can choose to pack more damage cards.

    Rocket Grunts do considerable damage so play the double role of damaging bases and capping points.

    Grunts are the cheapest option to back cap hardpoints.

    Shield Grunts are annoying.

    Sentry can be used to tank for Drones or a Gunner on the early Medium Turret rushdown.

   Arcfall can chunk a Medium or Heavy Turret really well before the shields go down and is more "uncounterable" damage.

    Blast Spectres do tremendous damage.

Game Flow

Early Game (4:00 - 3:00)

    You have 21 supply to use in the early game. At best you can take down the medium turret with 4 supply (Arc Sentry.) You can probably guarantee it with 7 supply (Arc Sentry + Drones.) Everything else can and probably should be dedicated to taking points. Maybe save a little near the end to get the first titan out.

Mid Game (3:00 - 2:00)

    If you enter the midgame with one hard point you're in a pretty good spot, if you have none you're in for a rough time. Hold off until around 8 supply to hit the Heavy Turret with two titans then start slamming the medium turret cycling titans and burns. Use attack cards such as Barrage to cover your push from defenders.

Late GAME (2:00 Onward)

    Your game probably won't get here. If you go the speed route your best move is probably trying to finish off the medium turret with a Barrage or EMP.


:( I'm not a Base Rush guy, sorry.


Gunner, Nuke Atlas, EMP, Core Scorch all are pretty good at stopping base pushes dead in their tracks.


A focused base destruction deck isn't all that complicated. You need to find a balance between buying yourself time and doing damage to the turrets. Maybe start by going all in on Base Destruction then tune it back upon losses, approaching a more balanced playstyle.

I'm bad at this game. pls be nice.