Unit Review

Spectres (Burn Card)

SPECTRES (Supply Cost: 3)

Best Uses/Strengths

  • Capture hardpoints (Will capture hardpoint and move to capture the next)
  • Counter units from a distance¬†
  • Counter single-target damage pilots
  • Less vulnerable to cards that are...

Ronin (Titan)

RONIN (Supply Cost: 4)

Best Uses/Strengths

  • Specializes in combat against Titans
  • Excellent against all types of turrets
  • Fast melee attacker
  • Will attack any unit within range


  • Very susceptible to damage...

Stim Bruiser (Pilot)

STIM BRUISER (Supply Cost: 2)

Best Uses/Strengths

  • Specializes in hardpoint capture
  • Upon hardpoint capture, movement speed and health will increase
  • High hitpoints to cost ratio
  • Low supply cost


  • Weak...


Grunts (Supply Cost: 2)

Best Uses/Strengths

  • Captures Hardpoints from any distance
  • Low-cost risk of 2 supply
  • Excellent decoys against Non-AOE pilots while other pilots attack
  • Deployable at any location (5 Grunts)
  • weak...


Shield Grunts (Supply Cost: 3)

Best Uses/Strengths

  • Deployable at any range
  • Effective against Robotic units and Structures (ie: Spectres, drones, Sentries & robotic pilots)
  • Deployed in a group (3 Shielded Grunts)
  • Damage...


GRENADIER (Supply Cost: 2)

Best Uses/Strengths

  • Low cost of 2 supply
  • Highest mobility and greatest AOE damage
  • Specializes in supporting other pilots
  • Eliminates Groups with ease (ie: grunts, Shield¬†Grunts)

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Mortar Ogre (Supply Cost: 5)

Best Uses/Strengths

  • High amount of hitpoints
  • Decent dps while having extreme range
  • On Training Ground if deployed on the upper right corner of the nearest point he can eliminate the medium...