Spectres (Burn Card)

SPECTRES (Supply Cost: 3)

Best Uses/Strengths

  • Capture hardpoints (Will capture hardpoint and move to capture the next)
  • Counter units from a distanceĀ 
  • Counter single-target damage pilots
  • Less vulnerable to cards that are built to counter humans
  • Deployed in a group (4 in a drop-pod)
  • Can be deployed anywhere on the map


  • Vulnerable to units with an area of attack (ie: Sim Ninja, Grenadiers)
  • Susceptible to any Attack type burn card (ie: Missile, Arcfall)
  • Weak against all titans and will not prioritize attacking Titan over hardpoint captureĀ 
  • Weak against all types of turrets; including medium and main turrets
  • Low individual hitpoints